>The Princess Sweetie Pea


Last night, my daughter and her husband had dinner with us and we had such a fun time. I really miss having her living here and being just my daughter. But she is married to a really wonderful man and she is so happy that it makes up for having to share her (Ok, yeah, we “gave her away”, but that was just a formality!)

My daughter is affectionately known around here as the Princess Sweetie Pea, or PSP for short. PSP and her husband are in the midst of making some major life decisions (you know, the ones you made when you were a newlywed) and I’m so proud of her. She’s grown into a truly lovely young woman with such a good head on her shoulders and immense common sense. She’s a treasure and such a blessing. She is the embodiment of the evidence I hold close to my heart that God loves me and forgives me, and that in His great love and mercy, as Jesus says in Matthew 7, God, our Father, gives His children good gifts and not stones, even when we really deserve stones.

This blog entry isn’t deep or dark or fraught with any meaning other than I love my daughter and I thank God for her and all the joy she’s brought into my life and all that she’s taught me. I am excited to see her life unfolding before me and I’m so grateful to her that she allows me to be such a part of it. I sure do love her so much!

So without further ado, may I present to you the many faces of The Princess Sweetie Pea:

With my mom

She can belt ’em out

Yes, she really is a Princess

She’s my daughter


4 thoughts on “>The Princess Sweetie Pea

  1. >Chloe, your daughter is lovely. I have read her blog occasionally and find myself nodding in agreement quite often. (One difference…I didn’t throw Martha Peace’s book across the room, I threw it in the trash…but…) I am heartbroken with you. My son is 18. He is in the Nat’l Guard and may have failed his drug test last weekend. He has had a horrific couple of years…and his life prior to that was tumultuous at best. I have beaten myself over the head till I am black and blue. God is trying desperately to rescue me from myself and I am finally trying to allow him to do so and not get in His way. Thanks SO much for being transparent. I appreciate on the Sonlight boards and I appreciate it here. Stacey

  2. >Dear Stacey,I am so sorry to hear of your struggles with your son. If that is one blessing that I have gotten through this journey is that now I can honestly and humbly weep with those who weep. I hope your son is ok.love, chloe

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