>Painting tips

>So, the painting project goes on and on and on. Painting over bright orange walls and deep blue trim is taking forever. I’m always amazed at those decorating shows where they do an entire room in one or two days. It usually takes me at least 2 days just to paint properly, especially if the ceiling and/or trim is involved. I’m sure those rooms must look atrocious in real life.

The ceiling is done, except that the ceiling fan is really off center. The Tick and I discussed briefly the idea of him climbing into the attic and moving the junction box. He’s thrilled at the idea! The last time I climbed into the attic to do electrical work I ended up with a scratched cornea and three days of sitting in a dark room on drugs. Hey! That doesn’t sound too bad right now.

I actually love painting (mostly) and have done a lot of it ever since we’ve owned a home. Dh hates painting so I’m the painter. We’ve hired painters, too, but I’m never satisfied with their work, so I just paint it myself.

I thought I’d take some time to share some of my favorite painting tips.

  • To get a straight line where the ceiling and wall meet, paint the ceiling first and paint the ceiling color down the wall about a half inch. When you paint the wall, use a Shur-line Edger with the wall color where the ceiling meets the wall to get a nice, straight line. This works best if you have untextured or low-textured walls.
  • Use fabric paint rollers instead of the old-fashioned rollers. Fabric paint rollers are much, much lighter and easier to use, especially for women. I can paint all day without sore arms or neck with fabric paint rollers.
  • I have a huge (12’x14′) cloth drop cloth that I use for all my painting jobs. I love my drop cloth. I’ve had it for years and years, so consider it an investment.
  • Use tinted primer for the first coat. Tinted primer is $15-20/gallon. High quality paint is $30-50/gallon. You do the math.
  • Buy yourself a 5-6′ ladder wtih a flip-down surface for the paint pan. I love my ladder.
  • The Shur-line edger also works for woodwork. You’ll get a smoother finish without brush strokes.
  • If you have to take a break from painting before the job is finished, freeze the rollers, brush and edger. Take them out of freezer 1/2hr before restarting project.

I’m hoping to have the walls done tonight and the trim finished tomorrow. Then it’ll be on to the back shed and the cat piss. Yum.


One thought on “>Painting tips

  1. >Love the tips! I don’t like painting but it is my job if I want it done. I fret (not quite but nearly daily) that the place where my living room walls meet the ceiling is not perfect.ugh!So can you show me a picture of this sureline edger? Did you get it at a place like Menards or Lowe’s? :)I painted my kid room yellow w/ orange trim. My brother bought the house from my parents and I bet they had a few words for me over that room! 😉

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