Smart Man Candy Monday and a Smartphone Giveaway

I hate Smarties®. When I was in Nursing School, one of the second-year students used to bring Smarties® to our exams and hand them out to us first-years. It was meant to relieve test anxiety. You know, Smarties® to help us be smarter? But for some reason whenever I would bite into them they would aerosolize into a zillion microscopic granules of sweet and sour choke-me-to-death. To this day I never eat them.

I might not like Smarties®, but a smart man I like. If a woman had written the Bible she might have said, “A smart man, who can find? He is more precious than a 41-piece box of Cocabella Chocolates.”

A handsome man in and of himself is nice and all, but if he can’t give good witty repartee then he don’t impress me much. Like the flash ripples on your phone, a merely pretty man might be mesmerizing for a moment, but beyond that he’s pretty useless.

Inside Movie’s List of 50 Smartest People in Hollywood puts the fabulous George Clooney at number 13.  This guy is no flash ripple.

When I went looking for pictures of Mr. Clooney, I decided that one picture or three of People Magazine’s 2006 Sexiest Man Alive was simply not enough, so I hope you’ll take a seat and sip a cuppa while enjoying this All-You-Can-Eat Clooney Eye-Candy Buffet that I found just for you. (But don’t forget to come back; I’m announcing my next giveaway and it’s a good one.)
George Clooney []

Since my last giveaway was such a smashing success, I’ve decided to throw another one to coincide with Man Candy Monday. But a smart man requires a smart giveaway. That’s why I’m giving away an AT&T HP Veer 4G Smartphone. Yep, a brand spankin’ new Smartphone. No joke. Check out Engadget’s Review and awesome pictures HERE.

And even though the opposite of a Smartphone would be Fatty McButterpants, she knows a good deal when she sees one and this is one.

I received this Smartphone at BlogHer as part of the famous BlogHer Swag Kitten-A-Go-Go raves about.

I really want to keep this Smartphone–I need one–BUT I don’t get AT&T in my house unless I stand on the back of my couch balanced on one foot while wearing a tinfoil hat on my head. This isn’t AT&T’s fault. I live in a nutty place where it takes an act of God to get a burger joint built or a cellphone tower installed.

I’ve heard that people who agree to let them be placed on their property get hate mail and death threats. (Although I would imagine that if the angry villagers did lynch you they’d only use rope made from organic hemp, locally grown of course.)

So no AT&T HP Veer 4G Smartphone for me. But my loss is your gain. I’ll bet some of you could use this Smartphone. I could sell it I suppose, but I really want to give it to one of my readers, so that’s what I’m doing.


This time I mean it. I’m really moving to WordPress at It is going to happen very, very soon, but I don’t want to lose any of you along the way. So the Official Start of this Smartphone Giveaway will coincide with that move.

If you stayed on this long you have a special opportunity to pre-enter to win. Please comment here if this is a giveaway you are interested in and I’ll consider that your first entry. There will be bonus entries offered when I officially announce it.

Stay Tuned. I’ll be announcing the official start of this giveaway as soon as I possibly can do so. And in the meantime enjoy the Clooney-fest on me. And if you just want to chat with me about GC, I’m more than happy to do that. Please comment!

Happy Monday!


Is a German Shepherd Smarter than a Labrador?

I made my first movie starring Raynor and Fatty McButterpants.  This video is based on a part of the Dog IQ Test called Dog Under Towel. Before you watch it and think I’m a terrible person who tortures Labradors with towels on their heads let me reassure you.

Okay, I can’t.

I’m a terrible person who laughs at the expense of old Labradors. But my mirth is mostly due to my memories of doing this test years ago when Fatty and Jonah were youngsters and Jonah’s response at the time to Fatty. If a dog could roll its eyes, he would have. Raynor seems much more concerned about her well-being.

ETA: I found some free use music to use from this site: The song is called, Cafe Connection Instrumental.

Finally, a Puppy Picture

It is my deep pleasure to introduce Ulik vom Zeder Kamme, call name: Raynor.

It is very hard to get a decent picture of him because he is all piss and vinegar and constant motion.

Raynor arrived moments before I had to go off to BlogHer for the week so my husband has had 24/7 puppy duty and just like any new mom he’s tired and cranky. Unfortunately I’m tired and a bit cranky too from traveling. We’re quite a pair. If we survive tonight without having a fight it’ll be close to a miracle. Ahhh, but he’s a cute puppy.

Thank goodness for Georgia who has taken on doggy nursemaid duties. Doo hates him with a fiery passion because Raynor is already bigger than he is (and he might just be a tad worried that Raynor is a bit cuter right now). 

It’s All About the Shoes

Some of you have commented in my last post about the shoes I was wearing when I met Gretchen Rubin. They are lovely, aren’t they? Here’s a close-up:

Guess Chappel Platform Peep-Toe Pump

They are very comfortable. I wore them all day. But then I think maybe I have feet of steel. My friend Karen says I have Barbie feet.

These shoes also happen to be the very same ones that I was wearing when I caught the heel in the old floor boards at Harrod’s in London and fell headlong into a rack of clothes. The irony? It happened to be a rack of dresses from the designer Chloé.

 It really is a wonder I ever leave my house.

We’re home from BlogHer 2011

What a whirlwind trip BlogHer 2011 was for my daughter Rachel and me.

We drove a total of 1563 miles in 7 days, slept in three different hotels, went out dancing and stayed up until 3am almost every night, and just in general had the time of our lives. As far as I could tell we were the only mother-daughter duo at BlogHer and more’s the pity because we rocked it.

Now it’s back to planet Earth (well, Planet Chloe anyway) where I’m completely exhausted and I have to work tomorrow.

I’m sure I’ll be processing this trip for weeks to come.

On Thursday, I attended the pre-Conference all-day Pathfinder workshop with Ree Drummond (aka:The Pioneer Woman, as if you need me to tell you that) and Kathryn Finney of The Budget Fashionista, and learned that neither of them had any initial business plan for blogging success whatsoever (HINT: anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something). What they had was vision that others didn’t have. They blogged because it was something they loved to do, period. And out of that passion came all the other stuff. I found what they had to say enlightening.

I have some really crappy pictures of them to share. I could have cropped the first one, but I left it as is so you could get the scope of the situation.

The Pioneer Woman and The Budget Fashionista

The second one is so blurry because I was shaking so hard from merely being in her presence.

I had all day to take pictures and this is the best I got

I did not go up and introduce myself to TPW, but let me go on public record that she’s DELIGHTFUL (this is where my naughty girl wants to insert: “The Bitch-I-think-I-hate-her”, but I can’t because it is simply impossible to hate Ree Drummond). Everything about her exudes grace and charm, humor and humility. In fact you ought to go read her blog instead. I don’t even know why I bother.

Kathryn Finney was energetic and so approachable. Her I met–by accident, we rode the escalator together–and I almost offered to drive her to Coronado because she wanted to see The Hotel Del Coronado, but I got nervous and didn’t. Apparently famous people make me act strangely.

Case in point: Gretchen Rubin.

Yes, I met Gretchen Rubin.  Since I wrote about reading her book and its impact on me here and here and hereI felt obligated to go up and do the awkward meet-the-celebrity thing with her because I thought she ought to know how much she really helped me overcome my sadness.

So I stood in line waiting my turn while she most graciously met other people. She’s a nice lady, Gretchen Rubin. It gives me hope in this world to see such nice people be successful. Here’s the live-action photo montage of my meeting Gretchen Rubin (untouched).

I introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Chloe. Your book was terrific”
It’s going well. 
Next, she says something nice back, like, “Thank you, Chloe. I’m glad you liked it.”

Then I make some poignant point about how deeply her work about happiness touched my life while she listened attentively (even though she’s probably heard it a bazillion times).

And then……

I have a freaking seizure of something! HOLY HELL! Is this what I look like meeting people? No wonder I have social anxiety. I should. I act like an idiot.

I sort of berated myself for being too shy to go up and meet Ree Drummond but after seeing these pics of me meeting Gretchen Rubin all I can say is that I’m very relieved.